For such a time as this

I know it’s been some time since I wrote something on here. Usually it takes me a while to finalize something, but tonight everything came together fast. I felt the urge to share what I read.

Growing up in a Christian family I was exposed to the stories of the Bible from a young age. I still remember my dad reading to my siblings and I a Bible story each night… the story of David and Goliath was my favorite. If your childhood was similar, then you’ve probably heard of the many heroes of the Bible; if not at home, then at Sunday school or at a church service. The stories of Joseph, Gideon, David, and of Esther are among the most popular, and their lives have encouraged many. 

Tonight I was reading 1 Kings 18. Even though the main story is about Elijah, there is another character mentioned in there that drew my attention. Have you heard of Obadiah? I’ve read this chapter multiple times, but this name never stuck out to me like it did tonight. Here are some things this chapter mentions about Obadiah:

– he was in charge of king Ahab’s palace

– he was a devout believer in the Lord

– he took 100 of the Lord’s prophets, hid them in caves and supplied food and water for them (this was when the queen was seeking to kill all the Lord’s prophets)

– and he had worshipped the Lord since his youth

Having listed these, I understood some things about Obadiah:

– he kept the faith he was taught in his youth, and was known as a believer in the place where he was

– he was fearful at times

 – he put his life in jeopardy for the sake of others

– and he respected authority, but did not deny his beliefs despite the people he worked for

As I was finishing the chapter, I realized I just read about another Joseph or Esther. It’s another hero story, that very few people talk about. It’s another life used by God to take care of His people. It’s what God wants to do with me, with you, as we surrender our entire lives to Him. The position you are in, the platform you find yourself on, is not necessarily to promote yourself. There is something bigger going on behind your success. God has put you in that position for a reason. He has prepared you all along for such a time as this…to be His voice and speak truth, to be His hands and feet that serve and sacrifice for others, to invest in His kingdom, to show Christ.

No, we are not all going to be in charge of a king’s palace, even though some might get there. It can be a simple job at the local grocery store…that place is your platform, the place from where God wants to use you. Your time, your resources, your attitude, can all be useful when placed in God’s hands. Wherever you find yourself, you can be used by God. Purpose is not found in a ministry. Purpose is found in Christ, who calls each one of us to a different ministry. Our part is to abide in Him and be available for His work, whatever that might be. 

God is preparing you to serve your generation…you have been created for such a time as this…

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