Mirror mirror on the wall

Most of the pollen is gone by now…so my dear readers enjoy it…at least until the next round comes. Summer’s high heats are sneaking up on us just about right now here in the south. On a recent trip with the youth from my church I was reminded of something from my childhood. I used to be kind of obsessed with my hair. I will comb it, braid it and do all kinds of things to it to make it look a certain way. I will spend a lot of time in the bathroom mirror. My parents have a home video from when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My siblings and I were getting ready to go outside and play (by getting ready I mean putting our shoes on). But, before running out the door, I had to take a last look in the mirror …making sure my hair was combed and adding some colorful hair pins. My dad captured all this on camera. Yikes! This probably relates to many girls but I’m sure not to all…my sister was the exact opposite at that age – she would go outside to play, or anywhere else for that matter, with the famous “bed hair”.

Growing up I always had this tendency of making sure I have it all together…especially before any public encounters. My bathroom mirror never failed in letting me know what things needed to be fixed, so a lot of my time was spent there. After a while it got tiring…not because I had to fix things, but because I couldn’t fix all the things I thought needed to be fixed. The more I looked, the more discontent I became with how I looked, with who I was. So there goes my childhood and teenage years.

Along the way I was brought face to face with another mirror. This one would show me things I had to change as well, but it never put me down like the other one did. The more I looked into it, the more it would change me. The more I looked, the less I cared what the other mirror said. Don’t get me wrong, I still tried to look presentable…at least when I needed to be…but the thought of looking perfect did no dominate my mind.

This new mirror is the Word of God, the Bible. It showed me who I really am and what matters the most. Physical beauty fades…for some earlier, for some later. What remains is how your heart looks, who you become. So spend more time and energy in beautifying your heart.This does not mean to not take care of yourself or not try to look beautiful. But do not let it consume you or put you down emotionally because you do not look a certain way. They say comparison is the thief of joy and they are right.
These days I only look in the bathroom mirror to check if I have food stuck in my teeth … seriously though … and of course when I do my hair and such. But my emotions are no longer tied to it. Yes we all have those moments/days when nothing looks right…but those moments should not dictate the rest of our day, and those days should not dictate the rest of our lives or how we see ourselves in general. Remember we are all made by God and for His glory. Every little thing about you makes you unique and you are special in the eyes of God. He made you after all… and He knew what He was doing.

But enough about my mirror. What does your mirror say about you ? What do you say about you when you look in the mirror? Shoot me a comment bellow.

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