A season for blooming

Spring is here. Along with the warmth of the sun, the breezy nights, the bulbs coming out of the ground, the trees blooming and the not so very welcome yellow pollen (mainly here in the South I hear). Spring makes me think of hope, of breakthrough. It gives me a feeling of new beginnings…probably because nature is coming back to life after a rainy and gray winter (we barely got any snow here). I look forward to what the year holds. I dream. I make plans. I enjoy spring. Yet somehow I tend to hurry it so that I see what else is in store. I’m too focused on what is to come, on what could be.

The blooms in my grandma’s garden stopped me in my tracks today. And later I could not take my gaze away from the colors painted in the sky at sunset. What beauty! God is definitely an artist. And to think that I could have missed it…that other people probably did. The day is gone now. So will the spring season one day. We cannot have it back and live it differently.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.                                                                                                                          – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Everything has its time. Do not rush it. Do not overlook the season you are in because you are too focused on the next big thing. There is purpose in your season. Be it a season of waiting or of accomplishments, of joy or of sadness, of things ending or of new beginnings. God knows what He is doing. He is the Master Artist after all. And you and I are His masterpiece, His work of art, brought to new life in Christ Jesus.

So live in the season. Ask the Lord for grace for today. Be thankful. Give love. Bloom.

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