The unexpected gift

It’s been two weeks since Valentine’s Day. Couples have sent each other chocolate and flowers, while single people tried to look at it like it’s just another day…a slow passing day for that matter. “Love is in the air” for those few days around Feb. 14th. And then it all goes back to normal…and valentine candy goes on sale. Score!

So I get a package in the mail about a week after Valentine’s Day. It’s  from my sister, who is married, and lives 2 hours away. As I open it and see what it is, tears well up in my eyes. …a Valentine’s gift. Totally unexpected, which is why I got teary eyed…and kind of late, but right on time. It made me feel loved. It’s strange how receiving a gift could make us feel loved, but not receiving anything could make us feel otherwise. I’ve seen the battle in myself. I’ve noticed it in others. The flesh hungers for acceptance, for approval, for completeness, for love. It seeks to be noticed. It seeks for somebody to care. It dreams of a gift. Truth is, we all need love. We were made to love and be loved. 

Over the years, single years to be more exact, my heart found satisfaction, it found thankfulness, it found true love. And I want to share my secret with you, my beloved reader…no matter your relationship status.  You need to know the truth. Real love and satisfaction is found in only one person…and that person is not your significant other.  And until you understand that, you will always be seeking. 

Just to let you know…at this very moment…somebody is thinking of you. Somebody sees you and cares about you.. and no I’m not talking about your soulmate. The Father above has drawn near to you and has given you a gift. This gift brings hope, healing and an overflow of true love. This gift brings salvation and eternal life. This gift is Jesus Christ. Would you accept His gift today?

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

 And a side note to all my single friends: singleness is not a disease and it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you are not content with being single, another person is not going to be able to satisfy you. There is a reason for the season you are in. Trust the Father in heaven for the timing and person. He knows what He is doing. After all, He did make you and knows you best. Don’t give up hope. Don’t settle for less. Don’t give in to pressure. Like the wise Solomon said, don’t awaken love until the right time. God is preparing you and God is preparing someone for you. Wait patiently. Keep yourself pure. I’ve heard it said, “run as fast as you can towards God, and if someone keeps up, introduce yourself”…and I’ve heard it works 😉



4 responses to “The unexpected gift”

  1. Such true words! I came to the conclusion that only Jesus can fulfill you as a person in my single days and am realizing it as a wife and mother! So many people are seeking this fulfillment in someone else and until they find that Someone Else, they’ll always be looking for the wrong thing. You have a wonderful way with words!

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    1. Yes so true! even though I don’t have that experience yet I’ve heard it from other married ladies that it is true as well…thank you for your comment! God bless!


  2. Hi Adina! Thanks for the follow and for shining your light for Jesus!

    Grace and peace,


    1. Thank you for stopping by! Many blessings!


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